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So what makes Sri Lanka an attractive place for relocation? The local government appreciates people from IT field all over the world and gives a green light to development of this field in Sri Lanka. You can also get an opportunity to work together with talents with outstanding skills and the willingness to create something great and significant. In addition to that you’ll get 365 days of warm and sunny weather, beautiful Indian ocean and breathtaking landscapes.

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Life in Sri Lanka is a dream for many tourists who have visited this island and fell in love with it. Why is this island in the Indian Ocean so attractive? Sri Lanka may seem small to you, but its history and culture are great and it’s a landscape of rainforests and beaches, ancient Buddhist ruins, palaces and temples. Its capital, Colombo, is a thriving port city with impressive architecture and modern facilities, while Sri Lanka's ancient city of Anuradhapura is a World Heritage Site.

What Makes Sri Lanka An Attractive Place For Working And Living?

It is easy for IT people to integrate here
The Sri Lankan IT community regularly arranges meetings and promotes networking: here you can talk about your project, make new friends and just have a good time in the company of people with a similar mindset.

The average annual water temperature in the ocean is +27 – +29 C. The average annual air temperature in the resorts on the coast of Sri Lanka in the daytime ranges from + 28C to + 32C, at night – in the range of + 24C – +26 C.  This weather makes it possible to enjoy the sun all year round.

No one is in a hurry here
Life under the sun dictates its measured lifestyle that helps to focus on the important.

There are no harmful industries on the island, the air is really clean and the soil is not polluted by factory waste. Therefore, it is useless to describe Sri Lankan products: just try. Fruits, vegetables, milk and meat. And if you miss European food, then there are many restaurants for you, opened by expats.

Digitally advanced, affordable, safe, tech-oriented, fresh air, fast career opportunities – This is how Sri Lanka feels like.

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