Modern nightlife in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of the most colorful cities in the Caucasus. For lovers of an active nightlife, Tbilisi may seem quite interesting. To find clubs and pubs it is easy enough: in the city center, there is a street with popular bars, pubs, and clubs on both sides. It is the brightest and noisiest night place of the capital. Bars, Modern, and attractive clubs and pubs are constantly popping up on the map nightlife of Tbilisi. Most of the discos in Tbilisi opens around midnight and host events with local and international DJs over the weekend, with great emphasis on quality electronic music. There are also many bars that host live music with free admission. Located in the center of the old city, Shardeni Street is another point of reference for the nightlife of Tbilisi. Here you will find many restaurants and bars where you can have a drink, listen to interesting music, and watch people walking everywhere.

BASSIANI – This is one of the most unique clubs in Tbilisi and it is popular among the techno and house lovers. Here you can see the performances of the best local DJs, as well as a weekly line-up of famous international DJs. The sound quality of music is considered the most professional and this is one of the first factors that make BASSIANI so popular.

KHIDI Club – Some call it a lost paradise, for others it is a place where they can listen to the best techno mixes of popular DJs. The club is located in the city center, under bridge Vakhushti. The club is divided into three floors and hosts more than 1,000 visitors at a time. On the third floor, there is an exhibition hall, where the works of local and foreign contemporary artists are exhibited.

Mtkvarze Club – Immediately after the opening of the club Mtkvarze, it was rated as the best club for electronic music. The club has two halls with different music. One of them is larger and brighter with high ceilings and huge windows. Such an atmosphere is not typical for the club, but if you need more space, it is worth to spend time in this hall. The large hall is perfect for the lovers of underground house. The second hall is darker. Little room is meant for experimental music, where the best DJs of the country and abroad perform fantastic mixes.

Art Café Home – Art-Café HOME is located literally in the heart of Old Tbilisi and is the best destinations point to start a weekend. Already 4 years, it operates as a Pre-Club Cocktail Bar with talented Georgian DJs playing on weekends and offering unique cocktails.

Café Gallery – is another popular club in Tbilisi, famous for its friendly atmosphere that helps people meet. Despite its small capacity, the club hosts incredible techno evenings every weekend with local and international DJ sets. During the day, instead, the place is a cafe with an outside terrace open during the summer months.

Fabrika – A former Soviet factory has been transformed into a multifunctional space with a club, a hostel, and a co-working area. Fabrika has quickly become a trendy place to spend a festive Friday or Saturday evening. What makes Fabrika so popular is its minimalist but modern and artistic design both inside and outside. One of the favorite meeting places of Tbilisi’s nightlife.

Candy  – Candy is a club and bar at the same time. He is famous for his parties with quality music, with famous DJs and young little-known artists, as well as a gin cocktail card and a wide selection of foods. The interior of this bar is made in a modern style “nightclub” with a beautiful backlight, a disco ball, and beautiful decorative elements.

Sakhelosno Bar – Decorated with fantastic graffiti and vintage objects, Sakhelosno Bar is ideal for a fun evening on a weekday in Tbilisi when most night clubs are closed. The bar has a mixed crowd and a friendly atmosphere, as well as hosting live music, jam sessions, and karaoke events. You can have fun with very friendly people, talk and dance.

Woland’s Speakeasy – This beautiful bar is tucked away under an American-style diner. Take the back door and go down the stairs. Excellent interior, live music on some days, friendly staff, and great cocktails.

Schuchmann Wine Bar – is one of the most important wineries in Georgia, specialized in wine produced from the best autochthonous Georgian grape varieties, all grown in the unique microclimate of Kakheti. His high-class wine shop in Tbilisi is hidden in a cellar, under the Tbilisi History Museum.

Cocktail Factory – offers traditional cocktails and original mixes, often inviting the bartenders of the most famous bars in the world who offer a unique opportunity to enjoy drinks from different cultures.

There are a lot of places you can visit; it depends on your mood and energy which you will choose from.  Tbilisi can offer different pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs, musical events, and et.c.

Among the musical events of Tbilisi, don’t miss the Mzesumira’s Ezo, an outdoor music festival that takes place in Mtatsminda park with a picturesque view of the city. This is definitely the best musical event in Tbilisi.

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